Work with Me

I love working with brands and products that matches my blog niche : Food & Photography. I can be engaged to work with your brand on food or photography related projects on the following area:

  • Food Photography for your product, Hotels and  Restaurants
  • Brand Association/ Endorsement
  • Restaurant Reviews
  • Product Reviews
  • Recipe Development for Your Brand
  • Sponsored posts
  • Recipe Sharing where you choose to feature my recipes on your Menu
  • Sponsorship or advertising on HomemadeRecipes
So let's work together…drop a mail to me at

Some of the noted brand endorsement for reviews and recipes in the recent :

2. Licious
3. Oomugi (Healthy and Tasty Barley Grains)
4. BRAGG Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

I would love to hear from you !

Jolly Makkar