Homemade Potato Chips, Potato Crisp Recipe

Potato Chips
Homemade chips are crisper, fresher, and just plain better than store-bought. They’re less greasy, you can control the amount of salt and preservatives that taste better than anything you can find anywhere :)

See how easy it is to make your own homemade, crispy, delicious potato chips. The recipe of "Potato chips" is easy to make but require lots of patience, once the potatoes is dried under sunlight. It's a good option to making home style potato chips.

With this recipe, my lots of childhood memories are being attached, when I was a kid my grandmother made this potato chips and me & all my cousins just wait for that moment when my Granny fry this chips and we eat :) So, I decided to make it now and refresh my memories. I made it and its taste is delicious !! Learn how to make homemade potato chips.

You can make end number of homemade chips recipe like famous Banana Chips, These chips are good tea time snacks or any time snack
Let's start to make this easy and quick recipe of potato chips with simple step-by-step process.    

Ingredients :

Potatoes - As required
Salt to taster
Water to boil
Chaat masala
Oil for frying

Preparation Method :

1. Slice the potatoes using with the help of chips slicer.

2. Add salt and soak in a boiled water for 5-10 minutes. 

3. Put this soaked chips on a large sheet paper or steel plate. Dry it under a sunlight for 1-2 days, once it is fully dried it becomes little bit brownish in color which is shown in below pic.

4. Once it is dried deep fry in oil until it turns crisp. Sprinkle chaat masala powder and Serve it.

Note :- Store dried potato chips in air tight container.