Stuffed Left-over Veggie Bread Toast

The concept of stuffed left-over veggie bread toast is simple and easy to prepare. This is best snack for breakfast. You can made it at any time because this is jhatpat recipe. You can serve as a tea-time breakfast. For this you just need your left-over veggie from your fridge and other spices.

Ingredients :

Left-over Veggie (I'll pick Potato veggie you can take any cooked vegetable)
Brown Bread
Salt to taste
Red chilli powder
Chaat Masala
Oil for shallow fry

Preparation Method :

1. Mashed your left-over vegetable with your hands or use fork to mash. Add salt, red chilli powder and chaat masala. Mix it well.
2. Take 2 Bread slices, spread the mashed vegetable between them, seen in the below picture.
3.  Heat some oil in a non-stick pan / tawa. Just shallow fry both the sides with little bit oil.

4. Serve it with tomato sauce.