Homemade Masala Layered Paratha | Lachha Paratha

It is whole wheat layered flat bread. Crispy Masala Layered paratha is easy to make at home. It is special variety of regular paratha with flaky layers on the outside and moist in the middle. It is popular paratha from North-India but now-a-days its popular all over India. It is made from wheat flour dough with very less ingredients. Lachha Paratha is a treat with any meal and can be served with any gravy dish as per as your choice.


Wheat Flour Dough
Salt to taste
Red Chilly powder
Clarified Butter aka Desi Ghee for fry

Preparation Method :

1. Take a dough ball, flatten it slightly by pressing between your palms or against rolling board and coat it with dry wheat flour. Roll it out flat in a circular shape (approx. 7-8 inch in diameter) or as thin as possible. Now spread 1/2 tsp clarified butter aka Desi-ghee evenly over entire surface using spoon or hand  and sprinkle 1 tsp dry wheat flour over it. Sprinkle a pinch of salt and red chilly powder.

2. Hold approx 1/3 inch wide strip with your first two fingers and thumb from the top edge of rolled raw paratha, lift and fold backwards such that top edge remains on top. Now hold two ends of pleated strip and repeat lift and fold backwards process until entire rolled paratha is like a stack of folded pleats (japanese fan).
3. Roll it like a Swiss roll. Press and stick outer-end against roll’s immediate surface.
4. Place it horizontally on rolling board. Coat it with dry wheat flour and roll it out gently without applying too much pressure and give it a round shape.
5. Heat tawa or griddle over medium flame. Place raw lachha paratha on a hot tawa. When you see tiny bubbles rise on the surface, flip it up side down. Apply little ghee over each side and cook until both sides get evenly golden-brown spots.
6. Transfer it on to kitchen towel. Hold the sides of the paratha with kitchen towel and crumble it gently to highlight the layers. Spread butter or ghee as per your preference. Soft and crispy paratha is ready to serve.