Semolina / Suji Dosa | Easy Rava Dosa

This is very simple and easy dosa recipe. It is a thin and crispy flat bread dish which is best going with tangy sambar and Onion-Tomato chutney. I tried so many variation of dosa with using different ingredients, this is one of them. This is our family's favorite dosa and mine too. Whenever we prepare sambar at home we prepared this dosa at one time for sure. This is crispy and a very instant recipe.

This special recipe can be eaten anytime and good for breakfast also. This is very soft pancake made with semolina and other special ingredients which is easily available in your kitchen.

Ingredients :

Semolina / Suji - 2 cups
Maida / All purpose flour - 2-3 tbsp
A pinch of baking soda
Salt to taste
Red chilli powder
Little bit Garam Masala powder


Preparation Method :

1. For batter : Take a bowl, add all dry ingredients with enough water to make like a idli batter.

2. Keep it aside the batter for 2-3 hours (because semolina can be dissolve with water and mixed with other ingredients) and in between check the batter and Mix it well. 

3. For making Dosa : Take a non stick pan / normal tawa , brush the tawa with little bit oil, pour the batter on tawa and make a thin pancake with anti-clockwise direction, shown in below image.

4. Add oil around it and allow to get cooked till it becomes crispy. Once it is cooked, flip the dosa on other side same add oil and cook well.

5. Your Semolina / Suji Dosa is ready. 

6. Serve hot-hot Dosa with tangy sambar, or coriander chutney, sweet n spicy tomato-onion chutney

Happy Cooking & Enjoy :)


  1. So lovely dear Jolly, no overnight soaking and fermenting...yet so yum n crispy...

    1. Yes u r rite no soaking no fermenting is required...Thank you so much my dear friend Soma :)