Fusion Recipe : Chatpata Tomato Dosa

Today I have done one experiment with dosa batter and make new fusion recipe which looks-a-like a "Pizza Dosa". Though, I prepared various Dosa's variety occasionally which I already posted. Today, I am posting easy and quick dosa recipe i.e. "Chatpata Tomato Dosa". 

This is very simple and tasty dosa recipe. It is a thin and crispy flat bread which is best going with beverages, no need to add dips along with this. I really don't no, you guys will like it or not but I love to eat this, so that's why I am sharing with you all.

This special recipe can be eaten anytime and good for breakfast also. This is very soft pancake made with homemade dosa batter and other special ingredients. This is little bit sweet-tangy kind of dosa, I like it and I hope you'll all liked my recipe.

Ingredients :

Homemade Dosa batter 
Green Coriander Chutney - 1 tbsp
Tomato sauce / ketchup - 1 tbsp
Chopped circled tomatoes -1 no
Oil / Butter

Preparation Method :

1. For preparing Chatpata Tomato Dosa, heat a non-stick pan or a normal tawa. Add a little bit oil / butter on tawa and take a ladle full of homemade dosa batter and spread it on the tawa. Move that batter on your right hand side direction. Pancake should be not thick or not very thin make sure.

2. Now add a tbsp of coriander chutney and spread it on the batter like as shown in below pic.

3. Now add a tbsp of tomato chutney or tomato ketchup, spread it, now add chopped circles tomatoes, sprinkle oil on top. 

4. Turn the dosa, add a little bit oil all around of the dosa. When one side crispy, turn onto other side. Remove from the tawa when cooked on both the sides.

5. Your Delicious Chatpata Tomato Dosa is ready to serve hot with tea, coffee or any drink.

Enjoy and Happy Cooking :)