Sweet Lassi Recipe, How to make Sweet Punjabi Lassi Recipe

Lassi is another cooling and refreshing drink to have in summers. Sweet lassi is quite popular in Punjab and North-India. This is best cool and refreshing rich drink for summers. This creamy drink makes your day perfect. This is purely delicious. This lassi is famous all-over India and you can get these lassi in restaurants also. You can drink this Sweet Lassi any time like in breakfast, lunch or evening time also. 
Lassi is specially relished in hot summers because of its cooling properties. Few other variations of making lassi are mango lassi,
black-grape lassi and cucumber lassi.

We often make lassi during hot summers in our afternoon meal, using a wooden hand blender (called as madani, in punjabi language), I have not added any cream in lassi, this is already creamy in texture, I have just blend curd with water.

Lets start the step by step punjabi sweet lassi recipe

Ingredients :

Chilled fresh curd/dahi or yogurt - 2 cups
Chilled water or milk - 1 to 1.5 cups
Sugar - 10 to 12 tbsp or add as per taste
Ice cubes
Mint leaves - few (for garnishing)

Preparation Method : 

1. In a bowl or pan, take 2 cups fresh chilled yogurt. I used homemade curd.

2. Add 10 to 12 tbsp sugar or as required in dahi, now with the help of madani 

[ Madani is made of a long stick with a circular or star-shaped flat wooden disc at one end, used in back years] or blender or wired whisk just mix the curd till it become smooth.

3. Keep on churning till the sugar dissolves and you see a nice frothy layer on top.

4. The curd should be smooth, then add 1.5 cups chilled water.

Note : You can also add 2 cups chilled milk, instead of water. the consistency of this lassi is neither thin nor thick. if you want a thick lassi, then add 1 to 1.5 cups water.

5. Now churn the madani in the lassi mixture. Keep this lassi in a fridge to chilled before serving lassi don't add ice cubes.

6. Serve sweet punjabi lassi immediately, adding ice cubes. Garnish with mint leaves.

if you are looking for more cooling drinks then do check chaas/buttermilk, beetroot squash, watermelon smoothie and recipe.

Tip :
1. After adding chilled water in curd, don't add sugar because it takes lots of time to dissolve.
2. Don't consume water after having lassi, it's not good for health.

Happy Cooking & Enjoy :)