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Announcing Foodie Monday Blog Hop

1:50:00 AM

Foodie Monday Blog Hop
Foodie Monday Blog Hop
We are a group of friends who love cooking or foodie have joined hands together.

Our motive is to learn and excel in cooking, helping each other. Thus this group, Foodie Monday Blog Hop was born.

This is how it works, every Monday one person of the team will suggest a theme "healthy ingredients, family and comfort food recipes, real, local and sustainable food" and all the members have to cook the recipe according to theme ingredient and reveal it on the said date. By doing this we get to learn new techniques and explore the side of cooking. With the support and suggestions from the group members this is possible.

Do you find this interesting?

Do you love cooking?

Are you a foodie?

Do you want to learn new techniques? If your answer is yes, then come and join hands with us.

On with the hop! It’s easy to join in – just share your link below. There’s no obligation but I’d love it if you would be so kind as to follow on social media or include a link back in your post.

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