Coconut Ladoo Recipe, How to make 15 Minutes Coconut Ladoo | Coconut-Almond Laddu Recipe

Coconut Ladoo Recipe – quick and easy ladoo recipe with step by step photos.

This is our 13th Foodie Monday Blog Hop, theme is "Diwali Sweets" easy-peasy sweets recipe with different twist, So I made this Coconut Ladoo with little twist!!

Candles to enjoy life;
Decorations to light life;
Presents to share success;
Fire Crackers to burn evils;
Sweets to sweeten success;
And Pooja to thank God!
! Happy Diwali !

Coconut ladoos are often made for festive occasions. I made this ladoo long time back on (during Ganesh Chaturthi) and again I made them for the tomorrow’s Diwali festival and have kept in the fridge. These stay good in the fridge for 4-5 days. 

The appearance is satisfying and flavors too are rich, moist and yummy.

It is a delicious desert is often made for an auspicious or a pooja, it could also be a festive occasion like Diwali, Ganesha chaturthi or a religious ceremony conducted in our home or simply make them for any celebrations and enjoy them.

These coconut ladoo's are made with few ingredients. There are two main ingredients which are coconut and condensed milk. I love coconut in sweets...

This is very popular sweet-dish and easy to make, delicious coconut ladoo recipe within 15 minutes! The appearance is satisfying and flavors too are rich and yumm. 

It's delish and perfect ladoo recipe for husband really liked it and become a fan of homemade sweets rather than market sweets ;) so decided to share this easy recipe of ladoo with you all. 

They taste so delectable that you’ll fall in love with this dessert. 

Although ladoo's will be easily available in any of your nearby sweet shop but the one’s you make yourself taste even sweeter. 

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Let's start making of coconut ladoo recipe with step by step photos. Learn how to make melt in the mouth ladoos :D

Prep time   :  2 Minutes
Cook time  :  15 Minutes
Total time  :  17 Minutes
Yield         :  8-10 Small size Coconut Ladoo

Ingredients :

Desiccated Coconut - 1/2 cup
Condensed Milk - 1/4 cup
Milk - 1/4 cup
Sooji/ Semolina - 1 tbsp
Cardamom Powder - 1/8  tbsp
Powdered Almonds - 8 to 10 nos
Raisins (for garnishing )
Chopped dry fruits
Coconut powder - 1 tbsp for rolling the ladoo

Preparation Method :

1. First of all, take a raw almonds in a mixer grinder, make it a in a powdered form.

2. Mix the Semolina, d
esiccated Coconut along with the almond powdered.

3. Take a pan, heat it on high flame and add Semolina, desiccated Coconut and Almond powder. Mix well.

4. Roast them on medium flame until you witness light golden color of these ingredients. Stir continuously.

5. After 3 minutes, it has changed its color to golden brown.

6. Now we will add milk & cardamom powder. Milk will help soften the semolina in the mixture.

7. Now add Condensed milk and mix well again. Keep cooking this paste until it thickens approx 3 minutes.

8. After 3 minutes of cooking on medium flame, it will become thick. Switch off the stove and keep it aside to cool down at room temperature.

9. Once it is cool down, we need Ladoo mixture, 1 tbsp of coconut powder for rolling, chopped dry fruits and 1 tsp of ghee or unsalted butter.

10. Grease your both hand palm with ghee. This will help create a non-sticky layer while we roll Ladoo.

11. Now, pick small portion of mixture and roll it using both hands. I will add chopped dry fruits inside the coconut balls and again roll it again.

12. After giving it a round shape, cover around it with the desiccated coconut powder. 

Ladoo will feel a bit soft right now as it is fresh. Don’t worry, it will solidify a bit in a hour or so.

13. Roll it once again in Coconut powder. It is now ready.

14. Garnish it with raisins. Serve it !!

** Note **

  • If you are using whole Dry Coconut then do not use the outer brown layer of the coconut.
  • To make Condensed Milk at home, boil full cream milk and Sugar until it reduces by 50% of its original quantity.

Happy Cooking and Enjoy !!


  1. Ladoo looks perfect and love to grab some.. Advance happy Diwali..

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  4. Damn quick and taste must be commendable!!! Amazing job Jolly!!

  5. Quick and tasty recipe. Happy Diwali to you and your family.
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  6. Wow Jolly, these ladoos look so tempting!!
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  7. Looks like a real festive recipe to me!
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    1. Oh Wow Sunny, I am really glad, you liked it..Thanks a lot dear :)

  8. Looks so tempting and delicious. Happy diwali dear :-)