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Kadai Paneer Gravy Recipe, How to make Restaurant style Kadhai Paneer in Gravy | Kadai Paneer

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Kadai Paneer Gravy Recipe | How to make Restaurant style Kadhai Paneer in Gravy | Indian Cheese in Rich Onion-Tomato based Creamy Gravy | Kadhai Paneer Recipe | Kadai Paneer

Kadai Paneer is a delicious recipe made from paneer cooked in a tangy gravy made of onion, tomatoes, capsicum and authentic Indian spices. Kadai Paneer can be enjoyed with most Indian Breads like Phulka's, Tandoori Naan, Paratha etc as well as with Rice varieties like Jeera Rice or even plain rice. The looks of the dish are exotic and it's tastes yum !!

This dish gets its name from Kadai, an Indian wok, which is essential for cooking Indian cuisines and used here to give smoky flavor to paneer (Indian cottage cheese). 

Kadai Paneer can be made in various ways. You can make a dry/semi-dry version for serving with breads.

Paneer or Indian cottage cheese is a fresh cheese common in Indian subcontinent, and it is one of the most popular recipe in Indian cuisine.

This delicious paneer recipe is a gravy version, it's easy to prepare and you can make it at times when you get unexpected guests, or you are not in mood to have daily dal-saabji :D for an elaborate cooking process. 

There is one more recipe of semi dry kadai paneer also which is already posted on my blog – restaurant style kadai paneer(dry version).

The kadai paneer gravy is tangy and this comes from the tomatoes. if you prefer to the balance the tang, then add onions on base to balance the tanginess, which I have used in my gravy or you can add some cream towards the end(or  avoid this step also) !!

You can also see many more paneer recipes for making Paneer Butter Masala, Aloo-Matar-Paneer, Paneer Makhani, Paneer stuffed bread pakoda

Servings: 2-3
Category: Main Course
Cuisine: Indian
Total Time: 40 mins
Prep Time: 15 mins
Cook Time: 25 mins

Ingredients :

For the gravy

Long cubed Paneer - 250 gm (Use Tofu for vegan)
Bell peppers (capsicum), diced - 1/2 cup
Red onions, diced - 1 no
3 medium tomatoes (1 tomatoes, finely chopped and 2 tomatoes, pureed in a blender with cashews)
Cashews (kaju) - 4 to 5
Butter or Oil - 2 to 3 tablespoons
Ginger-Garlic paste - 1 ta
Cumin (Jeera) - 1 teaspoon
Salt to taste
Turmeric powder - 1/2 teaspoon
Red chilli powder - 1/2 teaspoon
Garam masala powder
Sugar - 1/2 tablespoon
Crushed kasuri methi (dry fenugreek leaves) - 1/2 tablespoons
Water - 1/2 to 3/4 cup (add as required)
Amul Fresh cream, (25 to 30% fat) - 2 tablespoons

For the Kadai Masala

Ajwain (carom seeds) - 1/2 tsp
Cumin (Jeera) -  1/2 tsp
Green Cardamom (choti elaichi) - 2
Brown Cardamom (badi elaichi) - 1
Bay leaves (tej patta) - 1
Cloves (Laung) - 2
Black Pepper corns (kali mirch) - 1 tsp

Preparation Method :

1. Add all the paneer cubes to hot water and let it remain until ready to use. This gives the paneer a soft melt-in-mouth texture.

2. Dry roast all the ingredients of kadai masala in a pan on a low flame till aromatic. When the spices cool, grind them in a grinder to a semi fine powder and keep it aside.

Making kadai paneer gravy:

1. In a pan, heat butter or oil or ghee. Then add the ginger-garlic paste and saute till their raw aroma disappears.

2. Add the chopped onions and saute till transparent. Add the grounded kadai masala that we made above also add green capsicum. Mix well.

3. Then add the finely chopped tomatoes and saute till the tomatoes become pulpy and you see oil releasing from the sides of the masala.

4. Meanwhile, add tomato with cashews in a blender to make a puree, and added into above gravy, stir well and

5. Add turmeric powder.....continue to saute till you see oil leaving the sides about 9 to 10 mins on a low flame.

6. Add water and salt....continue to simmer for some 7 to 8 minutes.

7. Later add crushed kasuri methi/dry fenugreek leaves, garam masala powder with sugar and stir.

8. Add the paneer cubes or slices. Stir gently, cook the paneer for about 1 to 2 minutes.

9. You can also 2 tbsp of cream toward the end. Just stir the cream gently in the gravy.

10. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves and serve kadai paneer gravy with roti's, tandoori butter naan, steamed rice or jeera rice.

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Happy Cooking & Enjoy !!