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rice paratha recipe

How to make Leftover Rice Paratha with step by step photos + video - This is one of the most popular and mostly often made rice paratha recipe usually made in Northern parts of India especially in Punjabi's family. It always surprised me how the simple ingredients makes a flavorful meal. 
This is basically made from leftover cooked rice or with boiled rice also. Serve rice paratha with amul butter or white butter, curd, pickle and chutney for a simple yet tasty breakfast. 
rice paratha

This is one of our favourite breakfast at my home, whenever we prepare rice at my home, one night before..this is for sure next day this is our morning breakfast. 

I used to make leftover veggie paratha most of the times in our breakfast menu, like aloo-gobi-matar mixed with spices and used as a stuffing,,mmm yummy still my mouthwatering!!

In a Punjabi house like mine, stuffed paratha topped up with homemade butter or amul butter (my personal preference) is a regular Indian breakfast recipe. Paneer paratha, Mooli Paratha, Gobi paratha or aloo paratha is among my top choices for menus on weekends.
leftover rice recipes

What is Rice Paratha?

A delicious stuffed crispy flatbread of leftover rice mixed with spices, served with butter, curd and pickle is heaven on plate. This paratha works great whenever you have some leftover rice, such as jeera rice, simple boiled rice or any cooked rice. 

Fresh rice don't gave good texture and crispness to the paratha. Desi ghee/Clarified butter can be used for frying the paratha. You may also use oil or butter also.
stuffed rice paratha recipe

I usually make the dough and the stuffing for the parathas beforehand so that I can quickly serve them on the table at the time of the breakfast. 

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Let's begin the step by step recipe of rice paratha recipe with pictures + video

Cuisine : Indian
Course : Breakfast
Total Time : 20 minutes
Preparation Time : 5 minutes
Cooking Time : 10-15 minutes
Servings : 2-3 person
Author : Jolly Makkar

Ingredients :

Cooked rice/Leftover rice - 1 cup 
Carom seeds/Ajwain - 1/4 teaspoon(optional)
Red chilli powder - 1/2 teaspoon 
Garam Masala Powder - 1/2 teaspoon
Salt to taste
Handful of chopped coriander leaves
Desi Ghee/Oil/Butter for frying
Paratha dough using one cup whole wheat flour

Preparation Method :

(How To Make A Soft Dough)

1. Take 2 cups of whole wheat flour in a mixing bowl, and add salt to taste in it.

2. Add water to make a soft and pliable dough. Knead the dough with the palm of your hand for 2-3 minutes as that not only helps to release the glutton but makes a soft dough.

3. Keep kneading the dough for 6-7 minutes before rolling it for paratha.

4. Now, divide the dough into 4-5 parts, roll it in the palm of your hands to make round balls.

(To make Rice Paratha)

1. Prepare the stuffing : Take a bowl of cooked rice, Slightly mash the rice with hands or you can used masher. Best you used your hand to mash the rice.

2. Now add all spices like - 1/4 teaspoon carom seeds, salt to taste, 1/2 teaspoon red chilli powder, 1/4 teaspoon garam masala, handful of chopped coriander leaves. Mix it well. 

3. Take one part of wheat flour dough, Now dust these balls with dry flour and roll them with a rolling pin to make a circle of 5-6 inch.

4. Add little bit ghee on circle, add the rice stuffing inside it. Lift the edges one by one and bring back to the center so as to make a roundish ball(like a potli) once again. Check the video👇

5. Now dust this stuffed ball again with some flour and with gentle movement roll it out once again to about 6-7 inch diameter circle. 

6. Heat up a griddle or tava and place your stuffed paratha.

7. Gently place the paratha over the tava and cook from the side. 

8. If yes it is cooked, flip over the paratha and apply the desi ghee and cook the paratha until it's brown in color.

9. Serve the paratha hot alongside with butter and some tangy pickle or coriander chutney.
stuffed rice paratha

Check the detailed recipe in Video

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  1. I've never before seen a paratha stuffed with rice - This is totally new to me and looks delicious!

  2. Parathas stuffed with leftover rice, wow what an idea. I usually add it to the dough but have not used it as a stuffing. Must try it.

  3. Years back wile I was in Chandigarh, my neighbor treated me with stuffed rice parantha topped with loads of butter and I just loved it.. after that I never tried it or kind of forgot about it.. this looks yumm and took me back in time!! will love to try again!! another good way to use leftover rice!!

  4. Great idea to use leftover rice, usually I use leftovers for pakoda but never tried paratha with rice. Would love to try it.
    Thanks for sharing

  5. Great idea to use them in parathas. I am sure they would be crispy and delish. I often make tikkis with leftover rice but never made paratha.

  6. Wonderful idea to use leftover rice in parathas. I often make tikkis with leftover rice but never tried parathas. I am sure these must be crispy and delish.