Green Chutney for Chaats, How to make Green Chutney | Hari Chutney Recipe

Green Chutney for Chaats
Green Chutney or Hari chutney is an easy and quick spicy accompaniment made with fresh green coriander leaves along with some spices. This hari chutney plays an important role in Indian Cuisine and best going with street foods like papdi chaat, 
aloo tikki, khaman dhokla, samosa and many variety of Indian snacks. 

What is Green Chutney ?

Green chutney is a flavourful side condiment made with fresh green coriander leaves,  ginger, garlic, onion, lemon juice for tanginess and green chillies for some spiciness into the chutney. In Hindi, we pronounced this "Green = Hari " i.e hari chutney. 
Green Chutney

It is often used in Indian Cuisine, especially for chaats like papdi chaat, khaman dhokla, savory kordoisveg uttappam and many variety of Indian snacks. 

This is tangy spicy coriander chutney. This is one of the basic chutney that is eaten with all Indian snacks, meals and street food etc. 

This chutney at my home are an important part of our daily meals and my meal is incomplete without it.
Hari Chutney

For this green chutney we need green coriander leaves(hara dhaniya), green chillies(hari mirch), garlic(lahsun), ginger(adarak) and few other spices. 

You can increase or reduce the chillies according to your preference. This is actually a gluten free and nut free recipe. 
papdi chaat

No need add water in this chutney because we have added tomato in it. 

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Furthermore, you can skip garlic, some people don't like raw garlic. For this recipe, I used cumin powder..this is enhance the whole taste of the chutney. 

I added a bit of chopped carrot to thick the consistency of chutney and make it less watery. Though it freezes well, but I generally don't. 

Whenever I am prepared this hari chutney, I made a small batch of fresh chutney, eat it and make again another batch. This hari chutney best going with street foods. The hari chutney recipe keeps fresh for 7 days, if stored in clean and sterilized glass jar. 
Hari Chutney Recipe

Prep time : 5 minutes
Cooking Time : NIL
Total time : 5 minutes
Course : Indian dip/chutney
Cuisine : Indian
Servings : 1 small jar
Author : Jolly Makkar

Ingredients :

Fresh chopped Coriander Leaves/ Dhaniya patta - 1 bunch(approx 1 cup)
Ginger/adrak - 1 inch piece
Garlic cloves - 1 or 2 piece
Roughly chopped onions - 1/2 no
Red Carrot/Orange carrots - 1 small 
Chopped Tomato - 1/2 no
Lemon juice - 1 no (increase as per your choice)
Green Chillies - 3 to 4
Red Chilli powder - 1/2 tsp
Cumin powder - 1/2 tsp
Salt to taste

Preparation Method :

1. Wash the coriander leaves thoroughly to remove any dirt and dust that might be on them. Roughly chop the leaves to make it easier for blending. We will need around 1 cup of chopped coriander leaves. Keep aside.

2. Put the chopped onion, carrot, green chillies in a mixer jar. Mix it well.

3. Then add chopped tomatoes, red chilli powder, jeera powder, blend it well into a rough paste. You will have to stir it once or twice in between to get a rough paste. No need to add water.

4. Then add coriander leaves,blend it well to get a smooth paste. You will have to stir it once or twice in between.

5. Remove in a bowl, now add the lemon juice and salt . This will help maintain the color of the chutney. If you don’t add lemon juice, the chutney will keep on getting darker.

6. Store this chutney into a bowl or sterilized glass jar and use as required. This will yield around 1 small jar of chutney.

7. You can serve this chutney in chaats like tomato omelette, aloo tikki chaat, dosa and idli many more snacks.
How to make Green Chutney

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Green Chutney for Chaats
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