Homemade Chocolate Recipe

I love chocolates, I am sure Everyone loves chocolate. Chocolate is become one of the most popular food in the world. Did you know, we can make chocolate at our home with just only 5 ingredients. Yes, you are reading right I'm talking about Chocolate !

Today I discovered a new creativity that how to make Chocolate at Home. Now-a-days chocolate are in high demand with fans around the world. Homemade chocolate is any easy recipe and a great snack for everyone.

Here the recipe of Homemade chocolate

Ingredients :

Milk powder : 15 tbsp.
Chocolate / cocoa powder : 7 tbsp.
Sugar : 1 cup
Butter(salt less) : 200 gm.
Water : 1/2 cup

Preparation Method :

1. Melt the butter and keep aside.

2. Nicely mix chocolate powder and milk powder and keep it aside.

3. Melt sugar in 1/2 cup water.

4. On a low flame, add the mix of chocolate and milk powder to the melted sugar and stir continuously.

5. When the mix comes out almost in the form of paste, remove from flame.

6. Add the melted butter and stir nicely for 5-10 minutes.

7. Grease a tray/steal plate with butter and pour the mix into the tray and keep in the refrigerator.

8. Allow it to cool and Cut it into pieces/shapes.

Special Note :-

You can do your own creativity with this chocolate syrup like put in different mould for different shapes or add roasted cashew nuts or you can dip fruits in this syrup or you can add heart shaped biscuits or Marie gold biscuits. I am having lots of fun with this syrup. :)

Enjoy :) :)


  1. Oo lovely try. I love chocolates.Thnx for giving this easy recipe. I wil try it surely

  2. Easy and tasty homemade chocolates!!

    1. Thank u Sony P and true, it is easy as well as tasty also :)

  3. Suggest me a brand of milk powder and salt less butter. Thanks

    1. I used Amul unsalted butter and Nestle everyday milk powder..you can use as per as ur choice dear which is easily available at ur place. Thanx

  4. Which cocoa powder is to be used? Can we use wikifeild drinking chocolate instead?

    1. Shivam you can use any coco powder which is easily available at your near by place. I am using "Natural" and "Eagle" brand of coco powder in my cooking...don't use drinking chocolate it will not give you good texture of chocolate !!

  5. Love the recipe. Very excited to try it!!