Bharwa Karele | Stuffed Masala Bittergourd

Bharwa Karele | Stuffed Masala Bittergourd Recipe
Bharwa Kerele or Stuffed masala bittergourd is one of the veggie which is not liked by many. This recipe of karela stuffed with tangy masala. This is one of my favorite recipe to prepare and I relish it a lot. Karela Lovers would adore this yummy recipe. Stuffed Bharwa karele is best going with chapatti, parathas. This is best combination with all curry veggies but specially going with Yellow Dal tadka

I learn this recipe of Stuffed bharwa karela from my mother. This is traditional and authentic bharwa karela recipe. Bittergourd pieces saute with onion and other ingredients and fried crisp.

Bittergourd is a natural blood purifier and has numerous benefits. Friends, try out this wonderful recipe of bharwa karele. It is incredible easy and tasty dish.

Ingredients :

Bittergourd/Karela - 500 gms

Turmeric powder
Dry Mango Powder
Red Chilli powder
Coriander Powder
Garam Masala powder
Salt to taste
Chopped Onions - 2 nos
Chopped Coriander Leaves for garnish

Method :

1. First make masala for bittergourd stuffing- Take a bowl, add salt to taste, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, dry mango powder, little bit of garam masala powder and Mix it well. Keep it aside.

2. Peel the skin of Karela/bittergourd and Make a cut on each karela vertically keeping the base intact. Remove the pith and seeds with your hands.

3. Apply or rub salt over the karela and keep aside for 4-5 hrs. (keep in a fridge)

4. After hours, take them bittergourd from fridge and put it in a room temperature for few minutes, throw away the juices with the help of your palm and rinse the gourds well. Wipe them dry.

5. Stuff the karela with the dry masala mix with a spoon. Stuff well and tighten the stuffed karela with a clean thread. Wrung the thread all around.

6. Heat oil in kadai/pan and fry the karela on a low flame till they get browned and cooked well.  
7. Add the onions and the remaining dry masala/ spices powder into it and mix it well with karele. (The leftover spice powder is added towards the end, so that they don’t burn.)

8. While serving bharwan karele remove the threads and add chopped coriander leaves.

9. Serve the masala bharwan karela with chapatis/roti with dahi or raita. They also make a good side dish with Yellow dal.