Gajar Halwa Recipe with Condensed Milk, How to make Easy Carrot Halwa | Indian style Carrot Pudding

Gajar Halwa Recipe with Condensed Milk | How to make Easy Carrot Halwa | Carrot Pudding | Indian style Carrot Pudding | Gajar Halwa Recipe | Carrot Halwa 

Gajar Halwa Recipe with Condensed Milk - This is a quick and easy version of gajar halwa recipe, which is made with condensed milk or milkmaid, ghee and nuts.

Holi is almost here, the festivals of colors is incomplete with special delicacies. There are numerous recipes prepared during this festival.

Gajar halwa is one of the most popular Indian dessert. Gajar halwa, also known as Carrot halwa.

Today I want to share 2 news with my friends and readers that
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To celebrate this big news, Kuch meetha to banta hai, So I made "Gajar Halwa". Easy and quick dessert for kids and young generation too. 

It is so simple to make and taste delectable. It is of the right consistency, not too sweet and just perfect on its own.

I have attached very beautiful childhood memories with halwa....

Every winter, my grandfather(we called it pitaji) made this gajar ka halwa for us and he usually prepared in stove only (haath sekna or feel the aroma of halwa)

When he prepared this, we all cousins sat around it and waiting for the moment when gajar halwa is ready and pitaji give 1-1 spoon to everyone for tasting :D I miss those days and my dadu and dadi :'( Some memories never fade.
Today, it's our Foodie Monday Bloghop challenge theme and it's such a fun theme this time. "FestivalofColors", means you need to pick any color and according to it prepared any sweet or savory snacks for festival special "Holi".

                            Dear Friends, May this festivity
                   Of holi bring into Your life, vibrant colors
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                              Happy Holi in Advance

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Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine : North Indian, Indian
Cook Time : 45 minutes
Total Tome : 55 minutes
Serve 4-5

Ingredients :

Grated Carrot/ gajar - 1.5 kg approximately 8 cups
Desi ghee/clarified butter - 6 tbsp
Cardamom powder - 1 to 2 tsp
Sweetened condensed milk - 1 tin (i used amul mithai maid 400 gms)
Sugar - 2 tbs (its optional)
Dry Fruits
Chopped Cashew nuts - 2 tbsp
Golden raisins - 3 tbsp

Preparation Method :

1. Rinse, peel and grate the carrots with a hand held grater or in a food processor.

2. Heat 6 tbsp desi ghee in a kadai, add the grated carrots.

3. Saute the carrots till they turn tender. 

Keep on stirring in intervals while sauting the carrots. 

4. Then add the condensed milk.

5. Stir very well and wait for a boil.


6. Add the cardamom powder and golden raisins.

7. Stir again and simmer the halwa on a low flame stirring often. Add the chopped cashew nuts.

8. Taste your halwa (sweetness), if you feel it is less sweet, add 2tbsp of sugar in it, if not ignore it (I added because my carrots and milkmaid is not sweet according to our taste buds) and mix well.

9. Scratch the sides of the halwa.

10. Continuously stirring till the mixture reduces and dries up.

11. Serve gajar halwa hot or warm or chilled and garnish with chopped cashew nuts and pistachios.

12. You can made these cute cups from carrot halwa and put a scoop of ice cream in it and garnish with chopped pista and almonds just perfect treat for this holi and I can munch this anytime evening or after any meal :D

For Recipe --------------> Thandai Ice Cream with Gajar Halwa Cups

Happy Cooking and Enjoy !!


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