Thandai Masala Powder Recipe, How to make Homemade Thandai Masala Powder

Thandai Masala Powder Recipe | How to make Homemade Thandai Masala Powder | Thandai Masala recipe | Thandai Powder recipe

Thandai Masala recipe with step by step photos – Here’s a recipe of a healthy masala thandai powder that was made at home. 

It has a unique flavor of taste and a fresh aroma also. It is a blend of spices, specifically for to use of sweet desserts during the festival occasion of Holi. 

Now, you need not to be buy it from market, you can make it at home with fresh spices and store in an air-tight container. You can use this masala with up to 1 months. Till 1 month, it stays fresh. 

Thandai is a cool and refreshing Indian drink prepared with nuts and flavored with fragrant spices. 

It’s a popular drink prepared during the festival occasion of Holi.
Traditionally saffron and rose petals are added to Thandai masala recipe but I skipped it and used saffron in my next upcoming thandai post. 

This is such an awesome aromatic and flavorful masala recipe. 

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Ingredients :

Cashew-nuts - 5 to 7 pieces
Almonds - 6 to 8 pieces
Pistachios - 5 to 7 pieces
Saunf / Fennel seeds - 1 to 1.5 teaspoon
Cardamom pods - 4
Poppy Seeds / khus-khus - 1 tablespoon
Black Peppercorns - 4 to 5

Preparation Method :
1. Let's assemble out thandai masala ingredients.

You can increase the quantity of ingredients. I have just made half cup of masala for made a dish during holi.

2. Roast the nuts - almonds, cashew-nuts and pista into a tawa/pan for 3 minute on a low flame.

3. Once the dry fruits cool down, then add everything into a grinder jar including roasted nuts and rest of the spices. Grind it to a coarse fine powder. 

4. Remove from the grinder and Store masala into a air-tight container for future purpose.

5. You can make thandai kulfi/ thandai popsicle while using with this powder, click on the picture to get the recipe of thandai popsicle...
Thandai Kulfi / Thandai Popsicle 
Save it Later for future purpose..

Happy Cooking & Enjoy !!


  1. Hi dear read the whole process curiously...could smell the aroma...shall try...

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  3. I also make in similar way, but add magaz also. Happy Holi

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