Sabudana Vada Recipe, How to make Crispy Sabudana Fritters for Fasting(vrat) | Tapioca Croquette

How to make Sabudana Vada for fasting(vrat) - Sabudana vada is a crispy yummy snack made by deep-frying spiced sabudana and potato cutlets.. This one recipe is often made during fasting times(vrat).

Sabudana (also known as sago or tapioca) is one of the most common ingredients used for making recipes for vrats during festivals like Navratras.

Sabudana cutlets are also called Sabudana/Tapioca tikki, or sabudana vada is a traditional deep fried snack enjoyed all around the country. Since tapioca is gluten-free, it is commonly consumed during fasting period. 

Be any auspicious occasion, Navratri, Mahashivratri or Ganesh Chaturthi, tapioca is one of the favorites because they are light on the stomach, easy to digest and provides energy.

This is my mom's recipe, she usually made it during navratri fasting times(the Hindu fasting season). And that is what I am going to share with you in this post today. 

*Short Info About Navratri Festival*

Sharing some info about this festival..What is Navratre, what we do during these days and what food items we prepared during navratre fasting times ?

Navratri - This is important festival of Hindus, celebrated with lot of enthusiasm and excitement all across the country. It's a "Nine Days Festival" and it is dedicated to nine forms of Goddess Shakti.

During the festival of Navratri, Goddess Durga is worshiped in nine avatars. Each goddess has a different form and a special significance. Nava Durga, if worshiped with religious fervor during Navaratri, it is believed, lift the divine spirit in us and fill us with renewed happiness.

My Home Mandir
All 9 days fasting is kept during navratri festival. Before starting the festival, we clean our home and temple because Durga Maa is coming into our home...

We do daily worship of Durga Maa (morning and evening)..Before starting pooja we offered new Chunari on Durga Maa and kept Panch Mewa (5 dry fruits) or Mishri( small sugar cubes) or fruits as a prasad.

There are some rules of food items during fasting, which we need to follow it..
*no wheat flour(anaaj), gram flour, semolina 
*no table salt(one special salt is used i.e Sendha Namak[rock salt])
*no pulses/rice (eat only barnyard millet - sama rice)
*no coffee, no outside ice-cream, they have some preservatives

*no tomato, tamarind, chocolates
* No Smoking, Alcohol, Chicken, Eggs and some more which will share with you later...
Consume Food Items during fast

* Dry Fruits, Fresh fruit salad, juices..if u r drinking juice outside home then make sure they don't add salt in it.
* Sabudana, Rajgira, Sawang rice
* Lemon, Mint leaves, Coriander leaves, sugar, tea,
* homemade ice-cream is allowed

* Potato, curd, radish, carrot

For this Navratri, I made this Pomegranate Granita in which no salt only sugar and water with squeeze of lemon juice in it and its perfect summer treat to coolant our body and perfect party dessert..I really enjoyed it on my first Navratre Fast, So I wanted to share with you all.

No doubt the fried way is more crunchier and munching way of enjoying vadas/cutlets but ya its little more calories than other shallow fried. 

As this is a Navratri recipe, sendha namak is used in making of these Sabudana Tikki's. Peanuts adds a nice crunch to this scrumptious snack recipe. You can also make this delicious snack recipe on special occasions like kitty parties, office pot lucks and even on picnics and road trips.

Sabudana Tikki's can be packed easily and are non-messy. Pair this delicious tea-time recipe with hot piping cup of tea or coffee.

Servings: 10 Vadas
Category: Snacks/Main Food
Cuisine: Indian
Total time + Soaking Time : 40 min [ 5 to 6 hrs soaking ]
Preparation Time : 25 mins
Cook Time : 15 mins

Ingredients :

Soaked Sabudana/Sago - 1 cup
Boiled and mashed potatoes - 2
Finely chopped green chillies - 1 to 2 (optional)
Roasted and coarsely crushed peanuts - 1/2 cup tablespoon
Cumin seeds/ jeera - 1/2 teaspoon
Red chili powder - 1/2 teaspoon
Cumin Powder - 1/4 teaspoon
Rock salt (Vrat salt - Saindha namak)
Oil for fry

Preparation Method :

1. Soak 1 cup of Sabudana (Tapioca) in water overnight for 5-6 hours. When they have become soft, drain all the water using a colander.

2. Boil, peel and mash 2 potatoes. Add them to a large mixing container along with the sabudana. Add cumin seeds.

3. Roast and coarsely grind 1/2 cup of peanuts. Add these to the mixture as well.

4. Add Red Chilli Powder, Cumin Powder, and Salt.

5. Mix all the ingredients well.

6. Put 1 drop of oil in your palm, so the sabudana mixture don't stick on it. Divide them into small lemon sized portions and shape them into round flat patties.

7. Fry the patties in medium hot oil till they turn golden brown. Do not set the heat to a high setting, otherwise the vadas will not get cooked properly from the inside. 

Note : If you are a beginner don't put so many tikki's at a time, put 2 or 3 at a time

8. Drain the excess oil on an absorbent paper.

3. Sabudana Vadas are ready. Serve them hot with Curd, Coriander Chutney or Tomato Ketchup.

Also see more No Onion No Garlic recipes during fasting time like Sabudana Khichdi, Aloo Rasedar , Samak Rice Khichdi

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Happy Cooking & Enjoy !!


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