Watermelon, Mint and Lime Slushie Recipe | 4 Ingredient Watermelon Slushie | Watermelon Slush(Video)

Watermelon, Mint and Lime Slushie Recipe | 4 Ingredient Watermelon Slushie | Watermelon Mint Slush | 4 Ingredient Watermelon Mint Slushie | Watermelon Mint Slushie

Let me introduce this refreshing mint and lime flavored watermelon slushie to you before this summer is gone. This watermelon drink is the perfect way to cool off on a hot day. Watermelons are so sweet, refreshing and abundant in the summer. 

I feel watermelon and mint are made for each other, hehehe no seriously the combination of both in a drink gives more freshness to the drink and this is a great filling drink.

Using just four ingredients and no added sugar, this recipe is as simple as it gets. Watermelon is more than 90% water. So as decadent as it seems, it’s actually a low calorie treat!

Watermelon is in season now too, so this recipe is good for your health, taste buds and wallet! In Bangalore watermelon are always available in all 12 months, but during summer time watermelon is more juicy as well as more sweet.

So, this is my latest summer favourite. Just blend and serve this fruit-based slushy…How simple is that na.

This tangy, lightly sweetened watermelon drink is easy to make and made with fresh fruit will be your new go-to for slurping. 

Nothing says summer like watermelon. They cool you off, hydrate you and fill your stomach on a hot summer afternoon. Also, they’re the perfect dessert for any BBQ or picnic menu.

A slushie is a cold treat which is perfect for keeping you cool on a hot day. The only ingredients you need to make a slushie are ice & fruit. Not including water or no sugar , you’ll only need four ingredients for this recipe. Isn’t it so cool 😎

Watermelon is a surprisingly healthy fruit. It has a high water content and also delivers many other important nutrients, including vitamin C.

Watermelon is a delicious and refreshing fruit that's also good for you.It contains only 46 calories per cup, but is high in vitamin C, vitamin A and many healthy plant compounds.

Fresh mint leaves add a unique taste and healthy aroma to any dish. It can also be eaten fresh. Mint is more than just an ingredient to a certain dish, or a drink. Apart from culinary purposes, mint leaves provide a list of health benefits and help prevent certain ailments. 


Course : Drinks
Servings :
3 person

Total time : 10 to 15 minutes
Prep time : 5 minutes
Author :
Jolly Makkar

Ingredients :

Roughly chopped, seedless watermelon - 3 cups
Ice cubes - 1/2 cup
Fresh mint leaves - 1/2 cup
Lime juice/Lemon juice - 1 tsp

Preparation Method :

1. Puree the watermelon by placing it in the blender until smooth. Pour into a bowl.

2. Place the ice, mint leaves and lime into the blender and mix on low, then high speed, until the ice is crushed to your liking.

3. Add the watermelon back to the blender and pulse quickly to combine.

4. Serve in chilled glasses and garnish with fresh mint leaves.

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Make this special drink on this weekend for your family, friends and loved ones. Enjoy with them !!
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