Jaggery Tea Recipe, How to make Gud ki Chai Recipe | Cardamom Tea with Jaggery

Jaggery Tea Recipe
Jaggery Tea with step by step photos recipe - This is rich, milky, deeply coloured, steaming hot, and flavoured with grounded spices beverage. A cup of milk tea (chai) in morning always refresh your mood and put you on track of long hard day. 

Tea is one of the most popular hot beverages in World and especially in India. It can be prepared with milk or milk powder or without milk and various types of plain or flavored tea powders. 
Jaggery Tea

This recipe prepares using with milk, jaggery, tea powder, water and flavoured with spices.  

What is Jaggery Tea?

The word chai just means tea. Jaggery chai, on the other hand, is a hot beverage consumed during winters. Jaggery = Gud | Chai = tea. i.e "Gud ki Chai".

Gud ki chai is an aromatic tea, it is served in small glasses and it's called "cutting chai" in India because it's so strong ("cutting" is the transliteration of the Hindi word for "half"). The green cardamom gives an earthy and comforting flavor. The fennel seeds are good for digestion.
How to make Gud ki Chai Recipe

Indeed, jaggery tea is a magical and versatile beverage for me. It always works for me. Not everyday or whenever I was ill, I used to drink hot cup of gud ki chai. 

As I have mentioned in my earlier post chai spiced banana bread, that I am big fan of chai. I can't start my day without a sip of tea. Chai cannot only wake me up but also soothes me and warm my soul whenever I feel down in the dumps!!

Every person has their favourite brew - black, milky, hot, cold, plain, jaggery, green tea, lemon tea and so on.
How to make Gud ki Chai

I have used Jaggery and chopped it into small pieces, you can add jaggery powder also or melted jaggery too. After adding jaggery into tea, make sure you won't boil too much your tea. 

Green Cardamom and fennel seeds are ground into a perfect blend to bring out the most original and authentic taste in Jaggery Tea. Don't miss this, give it a try at home I'm sure you loved it.

Let's see how to make gud ki chai recipe with step by step photos

Prep Time : 2 minutes
Cook Time : 10 minutes 
Total Time : 12 minutes
Course : Beverages
Cuisine : Indian
Servings : 2 person
Author : Jolly Makkar

Ingredients :

Toned milk /full cream milk - 1 cup
Water - 1 cup
Cardamom (crushed) - 2 no
Fennel Seeds - 1/2 tsp
Chopped Jaggery -  2 tbsp (adjust it according to your taste)
Tea Leaves - 2 tbsp

Preparation Method :

1. Crush the cardamom along with fennel seeds to a coarse mixture, set it aside.

2. Add a cup of water in a pan. Switch on the gas, then add crushed spice mixture and Add tea powder to it, Let it boil.

3. Boil for at least 2 minutes then add a cup of milk into it.

4. Boil for a minute, let it come to a rolling boil. Swirl the pan and simmer for a minute.

5. Add chopped jaggery and use a steel spoon, stir it once in the pan and then switch off the gas.

6. Strain the tea and serve hot with jeera biscuits and any namkeen/mixture.

This recipe is a part of A to Z recipe challenge, this is our 8th post for the challenge. We choose key ingredients alphabetically to cook and post a dish every alternate month.
This is my 9th dish in the A to Z challenge series,
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This time alphabet is "J" so I choose Jaggery and I already have few jaggery recipes in my blog like jaggery dosa, jaggery pancakes, jaggery cake..so this I thought of sharing my favourite beverage that is winters special. 
Cardamom Tea with Jaggery

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  1. When I was in my teens remember making a trip to my native village before I would head to my boarding school. Tea at the village home was made with jaggery as the sweetener as that time getting sugar was a problem and my granduncle always said that it is more healthier. Your recipe has brought back such fond memories.

  2. I love jaggery tea! It's so healthy, and just perfect for the cold days of winter.

    Somehow, I have never tried making it at home. Will do, now! :)

  3. My mom makes jaggery tea & jaggery coffee at home and it is so healthy and tasty. Nice share for the theme.

  4. It's a total comfort on winter mornings especially when having cold or cough. Been a while since I made this.Loved the clicks and your props too!!

  5. I have heard of jaggery tea from my grandma. Never tried it myself. Love the fennel and cardamomom flavors in this chai.

  6. I have recently started using jaggery as a sweetener, and look forward to trying this aromatic tea. This is just perfect for the winter that has set in.

  7. My morning is incomplete without gud ki chai. Yes I have switched over from sugar to gud and as you said it is really cutting chai, strong and flavorful. Loved your detail explaination

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Gud wali chai .. Desi swaad and a healthy option too.

  10. Loved the recipe and yes, full fat milk is the best for tea. The aroma and taste is unbeatable. Winters and gud ki chai - Cheers!

  11. Absolute desi bliss here. When so many of them ask me if chai latte is real chai, I do really feel like saying a lot. Now I can just pass on this recipe and say try the real one.

  12. First I thought to prepare this recipe for "J" challenge. Then changed my mind as i am not a big fan of kadak chai. Lovely recipe and lovely pictures.