Italian Tomato Pasta Sauce, How to make Pasta Sauce Recipe

I used to cook a lot before I started to blog and have many recipes noted down in my diary from the no blogging days. A few of the recipes are a regular in my house since quite a few years.

This Italian Tomato pasta sauce is one of the recipes which I make pretty often as me and my husband really liked it and I like to keep the sauce handy, so whenever he wants to eat pasta, all I have to do is to boil the pasta and toss it in the sauce which is already in the refrigerator. 

Although I make this sauce pretty often, So today when I made the fresh batch, I made it a point to click a few pictures and share this recipe with you all. So here is how to make a robust, full of flavors and chunky Italian Tomato Pasta Sauce recipe.

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Preparation Time : 15 mins | Cooking Time : 30 mins
Ingredients :

Tomatoes - 4 medium sized
Onion - 1 medium sized
Garlic - 4 pods
Oregano - 1/4 tsp
Black Pepper powder - 1/2 tsp
Chilli flakes - 1/2 tsp
Tomato Sauce - 2 tsp
Olive Oil - 1 tbsp
Salt - to taste
Vinegar - 1/2 tsp (optional)

Preparation Method:

1. Wash the tomatoes and make a cross section on the top using a sharp knife.
Heat water in a large pan and once the water comes to a boil, add the tomatoes in the boiling water. Let them cook for 30-40 seconds.

2. Drain the water and let the tomatoes cool a bit. Remove the skin of the tomatoes and cut them into halves.

3. Remove the seeds of the tomatoes and puree it to a fine paste(no water to be added). Keep aside.

4. Heat oil, add finely chopped onion, garlic and fry till nicely browned. Then add the above tomato puree. Allow it to boil for 3 mins.

5. Then add 1/2 cup water and allow it to boil for at least 2 mins. Add oregano, black pepper powder, chilli flakes, tomato sauce, salt and vinegar. Give a quick stir and allow it reach a sauce consistency.

6. Your pasta sauce is ready. Cool down and store in a clean airtight container.  Store in a clean jar in refrigerator for up to a week.
  • I loved the chunkiness in the sauce so did not add anything more to my pasta separately.
  • Just toss the cooked pasta, add grated cheese and enjoy your pasta anytime!

Happy Cooking & Enjoy :)


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